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Famous blue raincoat – a love letter to New York

I have always wanted to visit New York. Ever since I was a teenager, I have been deeply fascinated by the gravity, the grace, the immensity of this city. A … Continue reading

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So we bid farewell to the arms

I am getting used at dressing for myself only. Here, in my hotel room in Budapest, time passes slowly, according to my own caprices. I am an awful sleeper, even … Continue reading

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Side effects

Be frozen my heart. Be still as a star. Stay algid don’t beat forget the rise and the fall.   Stay gone, my heart. Be remorseful and forgetful and never … Continue reading

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Have been walking barefoot stark naked moonstruck quite besotted amidst the dew your kiss lingering on my lips burning centuries of unintelligible unutterable desire no direction no possession no present … Continue reading

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What do you see

What do you see when you look at me? Oceans of sorrow twirling eyes reminding you of a playful smile an upside-down sunset with a clock under a blue cock. … Continue reading

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There was a time

There was a time, but it was already some time ago. There was a time when we were younger, and we thought we were going to be real changemakers, and we … Continue reading

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One night (Anna to Vronsky)

It’s exactly the kind of day for stumbling upon an old poem, raw with longing, memories, regrets. I was reading Anna Karenina when I wrote it, and it got me … Continue reading

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