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to me, you are

  to me you are a lost possibility you are a bet I could not win you are the lucky dice that rolled away you are the train I kept … Continue reading

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you cracked me open

  you cracked me open you broke me in half you pulled me together you tore me apart   yet to me you were a kind of loneliness a mysterious … Continue reading

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not even a real person yet

What will become of me? A drop in the ocean A tear in the rain A grain of salt in the desert A wee fish in a sea of sharks … Continue reading

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found you

A tale of something found, only to be lost. found you in the middle of my days where there was nothing to be found anymore_   touched you in the … Continue reading

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Side effects

Be frozen my heart. Be still as a star. Stay algid don’t beat forget the rise and the fall.   Stay gone, my heart. Be remorseful and forgetful and never … Continue reading

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Have been walking barefoot stark naked moonstruck quite besotted amidst the dew your kiss lingering on my lips burning centuries of unintelligible unutterable desire no direction no possession no present … Continue reading

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What do you see

What do you see when you look at me? Oceans of sorrow twirling eyes reminding you of a playful smile an upside-down sunset with a clock under a blue cock. … Continue reading

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