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Side effects


Be frozen

my heart.

Be still

as a star.

Stay algid

don’t beat


the rise and the fall.


Stay gone,

my heart.

Be remorseful

and forgetful

and never come back.


– albeit modestly

without trying too hard.


Stay put,

my heart.

Never let go

of what’s holding you behind.

Don’t fret.

Those are just memories

of rails,

tales of pale blades.


Be quiet

my heart.

Bite your tongue

forget that haunting tune

rewrite the lyrics

– no reason, nor rhyme.


Stay strong,

my heart

for the tide is too high

the chains are too heavy

the moon shies away.

The wind will blow you off.


Stay cold,

my heart.

Don’t let the warmth

melt you down

for too much tenderness,

too much longing,

too much desire.


Be a stranger,

my heart.

Lock yourself in a tower

far away as a nightmare

cold as clean cut glass.

Toss the keys away

and hire an unemployed dragon.


Be frozen

Be quiet

Be a stranger.


Stay gone

Stay put

Stay strong

Stay cold


like a mirror

like a stone

like a sharp blade


just as ice would


or else

you’ll be broken


or else

you’ll melt away


or else

you’ll beat yourself to exhaustion


or else

you’ll be smashed – yet again.


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