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No panic


Yes, 2015 will be pretty much a year in poetry, I am afraid.

After all, what can you expect from odd numbers? Much ado about nothing. Mayhem and chaos. Disorder and confusion.

So, no panic.

it arrives


it has no shame

nor respect

it grips me

grasps me

holds me tight

holds me captive

I am clay in its claws

I am putty in its pawns


am longing for air

am longing for space


am trying to breathe

so badly

so desperately

but I

am fading away

am becoming a memory

a souvenir of things past

–          things left unsaid

things abandoned in a corner

things long forgotten


and all I want

is to escape

to run away

so badly

only my legs are failing me

I feel them becoming numb

my vision is blurred

everything is falling apart


everything is so far away now

so far away it doesn’t even matter

–          I simply don’t belong

neither here nor there



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